Combine 2 kinds of diferent ram???

hi guys i wanna know is is possible combine my old kingstone hyperX 4gb x2 at :9-9-9-24 1t

what happend to the pc performance if a combine this differents Timings ???

I hope ur answers, sorry for my bad english :)
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  1. just install em so they can work in dual channel mode so 8 4 8 4 or 4 8 4 8 , also it will most likely work with the latency of the new ones
  2. Don't. It's better to get the same set of ram, as the slower one will cause the faster one to bottleneck to the speed of the slow one.
  3. It will be fine. Do it. They will run at the speed at whichever one is slower, but speed of ram has virtually no effect on the speed of a system. Toms has some articles about it.
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    Depending on motherboard, you may need to put the slower ram in the 1st slots (a or 1?). May need to set the timings manually (leave everything auto that you don't know about) Also, it may require you to change the command rate to 2T in the BIOS.
  5. Will it probably work? Sure. Is there any reason to mess with it since your system will likely never use more than 8GB of ram and the rest will just be unused? No
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