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Gigabyte 4650 agp problem (no dolby 5.1 using HDMI port)

Gigabyte 4650 AGP problem: (no Dolby 5.1 option using HDMI port). The card is installed and works great but I only get 2 channel Stereo from my HDMI port..(Control panel, Sound, Playback Tab) this all the card offers or is something wrong...?? Windows 7 64bit
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  1. I don't think that that old card could bitstream Dolby 5.1. I heard that was a feature in newer 5670 cards.
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    Yeah, the HD 4670 does not have that capability. You would need a Radeon HD 5xxx or 6xxx series card for that particular feature.

    However, there are no AGP versions of those cards. Therefore, if Dolby 5.1 is really important to you, then you will need a new computer that has a PCI-e x16 graphics slot which is pretty much standard nowadays.
  3. Thank you....!! I appreciate the info, just using this old pc as a Media Server. I have a sound card that does the 5.1 but thought it would be nice if the HDMI did it all..... Thanks again.
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