Storm Scout Case fans to motherboard

Has anyone wired Storm Scout Case fans to the motherboard? How exactly do I do that? Thanks!
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  1. Why? is the bigger question..
    The case has 3 prewired fans that are supplied by the psu molex.
    CM fans aren't loud or annoying imo.
    Own 2 CM cases.
  2. Under any kind of load, your CPU and GPU fans will be far louder than the case fans. Don't worry about it.
  3. Thanks for the replies! I won't worry about the noise then. I did already hook one of the case fans to the motherboard already. I haven't run the machine yet (almost done), is there any negative reason not to hook the fans to the mother board? Thanks again!
  4. Oh, do they all have 4-pin headers? Attach them to the mobo if you can; it won't hurt. I was assuming that they had Molex plugs and you wanted a way to control their speeds.
  5. No reason, just that you need a 3 pin connector from other fans or modding kits to hook the 2 red fans up. If you've got that then go right ahead and use them.
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