Asus p8z77-v lk red dram will not post

I just put together my new computer and it will not post. I purchased this mobo

and it came with this ram for free

I ended up ordering another set of those ram because they had a $13 off promo going on.

So, I put everything together. Intel i5 3570k, and 4x4gb of that ram. When I power it on I get no post. I looked inside my case and noticed a red(solid) light. I google searched red dram asus model# and came across a video that told me to press the memok button. So I did and my comp restarted on its own and now the light is flashing instead of staying solid. The light is still red though.

Does anyone know what the problem is or what I can do for trouble shooting? I am going to test 1 stick at a time after I post this thread. Hope to hear a lot of feedbacks soon.
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  1. just checked each ram and they work 1 by 1. why wont it work when i use all 4?
  2. I am now testing new slots. So far. the first slot does not work. 3rd slot works. testing 2nd and 4th/
  3. so the first 2 slots (closest to cpu) does not work and the 2 furthest away works.
  4. just looked in the user manual. The slots are labeled as A1 and A2. The B1 and B2 slots work. It is now a known fact that this isn't an issue wiht my ram.

    Is this normal for a motherboard? I never dealt with ddr3 ram or 4 ram sticks.
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