ASUS 990FX Bizzare SATA Problem

First time poster, been lurking a while though.

I have an ASUS 990FX TUF Motherboard. Maybe a couple months old.

Today I started tinkering around with my system and now I have this weird problem. I have two OCZ Vertex 3 SSD's in fake raid 0, but the BIOS only recognizes one. I two other drives that the BIOS recognizes, but it only recognizes one of the SSD's.

It is bizzare in that the problem does not seem drive specific. BIOS will recognize either, just not both at the same time. Even weirder is that when I boot into my other drive the OS (Ubuntu 12.04) sees them both.

I have cleared CMOS by the jumper, taking battery out, drained all power out, and did Mem OK! thinking the BIOS was maybe stuck in some weird state.

Summary: BIOS previously recognized both identical SSD's, now it only recognizes one (either one), OS recognizes both. BIOS recognizes all other drives.

Not sure if this matters but: Processor AMD FX 8120, 8GB RAM

So, what do you all think?
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  1. I kept messing with it, and the problem went away. BIOS sees both again. I just kept doing what I had been, swapping the sata connectors between them, rebooting, connecting one at a time, rebooting, and all of a sudden both were there.

    Never had that happen before, thought maybe one of the SSD's were failing at first. But they are brand new. Don't panic if it happens to you. Please share if you know why this happens. THANKS
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