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I need a guide or someone to teach me how to overclock memory.
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  1. What memory and what hardware? Most modern DDR3 systems give you about 0 gains from increasing speeds so there is no reason to do it anymore. In fact only if you have an APU do you need speeds over DDR3 1600 for either Intel or AMD based systems.
  2. I overclocked my cpu and i was forced to underclock my ram. So i wanted to bring it back up to 1333 mhz(default).
  3. List your complete hardware as I asked above. There should be nothing that makes you underclock DDR3 1333 to overclock the processor. I think you are doing something wrong.
  4. System build:

    Cpu: amd phenom II x6 1090t
    Mobo: m4a89gtd pro/usb3
    Gpu: gtx 460
    psu: rosewill psu 600w
    cooler: antec kuhler 620
  5. i'll try to get a picture of whats going to give you an idea.
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