Did i damage my motherboard?

i was watching a youtube video and trying to put my side panel(cable side) when my computer noticed a power surge and shut off. I have a surge protector so it was fine but then it booted up and i hit the bios button by accident so i restarted again. Also while re-booting trying to get no panel bulge i gave some slack to the 24pin and my computer shut off and will not come back on. I have a green power led but that is it. Anyone know what to do?

motherboard: asus sabertooth z77
power supply: corsair tx750m
Cpu: i5-3570k

anything else required by me just ask and thanks for all who can help
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  1. As a first course of action here, I would reset the CMOS clock - see where that'll get you
  2. it does not do anything after clearing
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