Budget 100$ want a graphic card that can play sc2 on high?

I want a graphic card that can run starcraft 2 on high or maybe even ultra smoothly with a budget of 100$ and a power wattage of 450.
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  1. the community does not reply the fastest. bumb
  2. At what resolution do you plan to play SC2?

    @ 1680x1050 Radeon HD 5750 will be very suitable (but it will cost you about 130$), and HD 5670 will barely give you 30 fps (it costs around 70$ or bit less).
  3. I play starcraft 2 at 1680x1050
  4. Hd5750 is a bit expensive while 5670 wont run too smoothly in 4v4s ive also been recommended Radeon HD 6670 is that any better from the 5670s?
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