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AMD Phenom II X6 1090T?

I'm looking for something "future-proof" (or something close to that concept). I know about the Sandy Bridge i5-2400 being about $10 USD higher, but once Intel makes a better processor, it's going to be garbage and I'll be stuck with a mobo with an old socket. My rationale was to get the X6 and if needed swap it out with a better processor in the future from AMD (hoping for AM3+ mobo compatability). What do you guys think?
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  1. well the Intel I5 2500K is a very good processor for its price and beats the 1090T in general. so i would recommend the 2500k but its up to you
  2. when software and games start using all cores, the phenom ii x6 will be good, but the 2500k has stronger cores which is better in less threaded applications ( which is the majority today), the only example i can give you is battlefield 3, even the athlon ii x4 is on par with much more expensive cpus, but just because it uses all core effectively.
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    I would say the 1090t and the 2400/2500k are both on par given their price differences. If battlefield 3 is an indicator of near future games core utilization the 1090t and the 2400/2500k will be have similar performances at stock. As of now most lightly threaded games still run well on the 1090t so it really isn't loosing to the 2400/2500k.
    So I believe the 1090t would be a better option especially since you have a upgrade path that might be decent. On the other hand if you were to spend the extra money to get a 2500k and a 30 dollar heatsink like the hyper 212 you would still get good value if your willing to overclock. Though even if your budget constrained the 1090t is still going to give you just as much or more value especially since it can also overclocks well.
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  5. Thanks for your responses. Thanks to phyrex, I will be getting a 1090t in hopes that programs in the future will use all 6 cores. I might try and overclock it.. once I learn the basics of overclocking (Haha!). From what I hear, the 1090t overclocks to 4Ghz fairly easily like the x4 970 especially being BE. My main problem with Intel is not the processors, but the speed at which their stuff becomes "obsolete". Right now, I'm just looking for a great processor for a decent price.
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