I truly like this site because I have been able to find ways to search for the answers I need... but here I am totally stuck.. :pt1cable: . yes Im an ITT tech student and like all the rest of them im having issues in the NT1110 class... this assignment ask us to determine the cost of one bit of RAM and one bit of Hard Drive storage over the years..... what I have found is that one bit of RAM cost $1.00 and has decreased since... Im not sure if this is correct can someone help me understand this?
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  1. Take the cost of the ram or drive and divide it by how many bits it has. There is no to say if $1.00 is correct without knowing the size and price.
  2. 1 GB = 1*1024 MB = 1*1024*1024 KB = 1*1024*1024*1024 Byte = 1*1024*1024*1024*8 bit

    If i'm not wrong... that how u calculate it...
    then u will need to count price/bit of each years...

    but first u need to make/set up a "boundries" or "limitation" (cannot said it in English)

    like model or size since bigger usually cheaper...
    the price also vary between models and brand..

    edit : in other hand, u can "copy" some diagram that been published by survey company about hdd price (there a lot in the net) and use it as base of your research
  3. Damn sniped( rdc85 ).

    1 BIT of ram or 1 BYTE or ram?

    8 bits makes one byte
    1024 Bytes makes one Megabyte
    1024 Megabytes makes one Gigabyte

    This is why a 40 gigabyte drives does not show up as 40 gigabytes in windows

    HD/SSD makers show 1 gigabyte as 1000 megabytes(they do all math by 1000 and not the computer friendly 1024).

    40(gigabyte) x 1000(megabytes) x 1000(kilobytes) x 1000(bytes)
    The take that NEW number
    40000000000(bytes) \ 1024(kilobytes) \ 1024(megabytes) \ 1024(gigabytes)
    = 37.25 gigabytes

    I know this sounds like a pain, just gives you an idea to see how many bytes are in a given size. bits are 1/8th of a byte

    This is why 20 megabit internet is only good for 2.5 megabytes/sec despite sales people calling it 20 megabytes a second
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