Advice needed on New Build

I am going for a new build and these are the components I have selected-

Mobo: Intel h67
Processor: Intel core i5 2400
Graphics Card: Radeon HD 6770

I am confused about the following parts:
>> RAM: 4 GB or 8 GB and at what frequency?
>> HDD: 1 TB or 500 GB?
>> PSU: 450 or 500 watt or other (I will be going for cooler master)

My monitor's resolution is 1440x900 and I won't be upgrading it before 12-15 months. I would like to play FIFA 12 at max. settings (maybe without AA) at 60FPS and demanding games such as Crysis 2 at 30+ FPS at medium settings at this resolution.

I think this configuration should be good enough for all this? What I want is this build to be kinda future proof, so that it can easily last for about 3 years and be good enough if I buy a new monitor.

Please help by telling me what you think and should i change anything?

PS.: Most probably I will be buying this within a week.
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  1. 4gb if running 32bit and 8gb if running 64bit, 1600mhz frequency

    1TB hard drive will serve you better than 500gb something like a Samsung Spinpoint F3

    500watt PSU from the likes of XFX, Antec or Corsair , do not buy a coolermaster PSU.
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  3. Just wondering...why the H67 board? P67 would be a much better step for gaming and be more "future proof" then the H67 series which have been outdatted for a while.

    Id go with 8GB kit of ram. Prices and variety is ripe right now. As far as frequency, go with whatever is compatable for the MB when you choose that.

    Again for the current great price I agree with above to go with the Spinpoint 1TB at minimum. I beleive Ive seen 1.5 & 2.TB getting very reasonable priced lately. But again, choose that after you choose the MB and make exactly sure that the MB will handle those large of a drive.

    And I will agree again that either the Antec or Corsair brands of power supplies are a good bet.

    And just some food for thought. The MB is the base of which all the other parts work from. So its the most important part of your build. As you look at diffrent ones make sure to check out the product websites as well. Alot of times there is more info there then might be listed at Newegg or whoever you planning on buying from. then make sure that you get compatable peices from there. As those peices can make the difference between a winner and a snoozer.
  4. Just checked out dp67de and DH67BL, doesn't seem too different. Both are in my range ($ 100+-) with a difference of 10 $.

    And I am thinking of 64 bit OS, so should i really go with 8 Gb RAM? 1333 MHz is max. supported on these mobos.

    For the PSU thing- Ho much and what is the difference between coolermaster 500W and others?
  5. Don't get a DH67BL, get an Asus board for the same price and same chipset... Intel boards are useless... I bought two of these now for the office, and while they don't have any problems, there're better options for a gamer. Take a look at Asus H67 boards.

    To answer the last question: Cooler Master PSUs are not reliable; XFX/Corsair/Antec are manufactured by Seasonic and have proven very reliable. Go for Antec, since you're on a tight budget.
  6. OK, so now I am getting a clearer picture of what I should be doing, btw does the whole setup looks decent enough to serve me?

    Forgot to mention it earlier: I don't see myself overclocking anything soon.
  7. Please also suggest a DVD Writer in $20 price range.
  8. Okay then,
    After the progress till now the build looks like this:

    Intel Core i5 2400
    Intel dH67bl mobo (secondary option is dP67de, but i am not really into overclocking)
    HD 6770 Gfx card (coz my res. is just 1440x900(and will be same for another 1 year atleast) and really heavy games @ 30fps on medium settings will do)
    4GB RAM (though I will be running Windows 7 64-bit, i think this should be sufficient, if not, will then add another 4 gigs)
    1 TB HDD (Nothing special here, let me know if there is)
    ASUS 24X DVD Burner (The one mentioned above)
    500W CoolerMaster PSU (coz this is easily available to me with the case, please tell me if you think this is really a bad choice or will not be able to handle the build)

    Good enough to pull the trigger?
  9. Good, BUT stay away from CM PSU. Go for this instead:
  10. OK, will try to get the antec PSU then but will 500W from any brand be same/enough for this load?

    And 4gb ram @ 1333 MHz is enough for this build with windows 7 64-bit, right?
  11. Yes, RAM should be enough, and for just $25 more you can get 8GB.

    500W should be sufficient for this system, provided you don't add more GPUs.
  12. I mention wanting to be future proof. I'd recommend upgrading to a 6800-series GPU.
  13. I meant to say you mentioned wanting to be.
  14. Yeah I said, but 6770 seems pretty good for 1440x900. And I am not gonna upgrade the monitor before a year atleast, so if required will get a GPU accordingly then.
  15. 6770 is good for 1440*900, but if I recall correctly, it's just a rebranded 5770 - you can buy 5770 for less and get same performance.

    I'd say get 8GB RAM over 4 - it's cheap.
  16. 6770 is indeed a rebranded 5770, but i am getting them at almost same price (difference of $2 i think).

    Yep, I might get 8gb but whats with 1.5v RAMs?

    And somebody just told me that a quality 350W PSU can handle my build, i just wanna ask, really??
  17. Mmm.. 350W? I seriously doubt it. There's absolutely no point in going for such a low wattage PSU - it will most likely be "on the edge" and adding any more HDDs/fans will most likely be over the limit.

    Okay, to be fully honest, I think that suggestion is bat$h!t insane :lol: No.

    What's with 1.5V RAM? What about it? It's just the most common and the best compatible RAM voltage for Sandy Bridge.

    If you're getting the 5770/6770 at the same price +-$2, go for the 6770 - why the hell not? :)
  18. Thanks for all the help. Now my new build should be ready within 2-3 days :sol:. Will post then. :)
  19. :pfff: I have encountered a problem, HD 5770/6770 or mid/higher range AMD Cards in general doesn't seems to be easily available in my area. So is there an equivalent card from Nvidia within same price/performance?
    I did a bit of research and came across GTX 550 Ti. Though it has a slightly higher price, but is it worth it and comparable to 6770?

    Sorry for bothering again.
  20. Pretty much,2964-7.html

    You might want the 460 though but 550ti and 6770 is more or less has the same performance.
  21. cutebeans said:
    Pretty much,2964-7.html

    You might want the 460 though but 550ti and 6770 is more or less has the same performance.

    Thanks for the quick reply,
    But the price difference between 460 and 550/6770 is quite significant.
  22. Why not get a 6790 though? It's only a few bucks more. Same price with the 550ti.
  23. I was clearly going for 6770, but as I've written earlier "HD 5770/6770 or mid/higher range AMD Cards in general doesn't seems to be easily available in my area"

    This led me to look for a card with similar price/performance.
  24. Oh sorry, good luck with the 550ti then :). Forgot about that.
  25. No probs. mate, thanks for helping.
    Still I will try to get 6770, if not then 550 Ti.
  26. Umm... 460 > 550 Ti. Go with the 460!



    And that's the 768MB 460 pwning the 550 Ti right here. Get 460 1GB and rock the show!
  27. amk-aka-Phantom said:
    Umm... 460 > 550 Ti. Go with the 460!



    And that's the 768MB 460 pwning the 550 Ti right here. Get 460 1GB and rock the show!

    Amen, brah. :bounce:
  28. Actually, 460 will be even better than a 6770!
  29. Yeah, I know 460>6770 but isn't there a difference of ~$40-50 between these?
  30. Pretty much.
  31. That's true. Average 6770 price is $120 and average 460 price is $165. I'd get the 460, though, SLI 460s scale so good... wait, your mobo doesn't support SLI :kaola: Get the 6770, then.
  32. Yeah, I think we need 2 PCI Express 2.0 slots for SLI/Crossfire. Though I earlier found an Asus mobo which supported that, ASUS P8H67-V ( ) but doubt it is any good compared to intel's.
  33. Naw man, I wouldn't go SLI those 460. It ain't worth it after all, new AMD cards will be out this year and then NVIDIA cards next year. Kinda pointless to buy them now just to SLI them.
  34. Asus mobos are solid, better than Intel's, that's for sure. And have more features.
  35. First of all, sorry for not posting at all for a month and a half :ange: .

    I actually got my build completed just over a week ago cause I was occupied with my college work+parts availability issues here in India.
    Anyways here is the final build:

    Processor: Intel Core i5 2400 @ 3.10 GHz
    Mobo: Intel DH67BL
    GPU: HIS Radeon HD 6770 1GB DDR5
    Case: Cooler Master Elite 310
    PSU: Cooler Master eXtreme Power Plus 460W (RS-460-PCAR-D3)
    RAM: Kingston 4 GB DDR3 @ 1333 MHz
    DVD Drive: SONY DVD RW AD-7260S 24x
    And Finally,
    HDD: 1 TB Seagate ST31000528AS (Just got it somehow, you know Hard Disk crisis)
    And I am running Windows 7 64-bit SP1 on this.

    It was difficult to find some of the components but I still managed the best I could have :) . And I am pretty much satisfied with the build.

    I Just tested Crysis 2 and it is running at 40+(60+ in some areas!) FPS on Extreme settings with DirectX 11 + High res. textures and Tessellation at 1280x800 :sol: . FIFA 12 ran at everything maxed out at 60 FPS (capped due to vsync) on 1440x900 smoothly after selecting ATI microstuttering option :) .
    PES 2012 though was stuttering at 60 FPS (strange) but it was fixed after I selected Super-sample AA in Catalyst control center (still couldn't figure out how it worked).

    That's the end of the report Sir :D .

    So, a BIG THANK YOU to everybody here who helped me with my build. Tom's Hardware is really the best place for PC enthusiasts on the web!

    Once again, Thanks.
  36. Intel DH67BL dont have vga ide and ps2
    have 8 usb , eSata , dvi-i , hdmi , s/pdif so choose which to buy
    i need dvi-i to vga converter bought new usb keyboard coz ps2 to usb converter dont work in game properly and new dvd writer so f@#king hell experience wont buy intel products again in my life
  37. Duh.

    It's a new generation motherboard. Why should it have outdated ports like VGA, PS/2 and especially IDE?
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