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Hi, this is only my second thread so appologies if I did something wrong.

I am working on building my first system. I want a gaming system play games like crysis and battlefield 3 at more than 50fps on bf3 atleast. I have about AU$1500 to spend and need some advice. What I have come up with so far is dual 560ti's sli and i7 2600k. I'm pretty happy with this tho I'm having some problems figuring out the rest of the system. And is there and AMD equivalent I could use instead of intel. What motherboard do you think I should get and what power supply would I need. And if you guys can what is the best system you could come up with ( preferably nvidia gfx) at the money that I have to spend. I am using to get everything from so u can reffer to prices there. Thanks for your opinion and thanks!
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  1. you should wait for the release of the game.otherwise you will be suggested with something like 580 sli or 6970 highly overclocked crossfire.
  2. Ok thanks for that. Have any dead what u would put in a pc worth that money?
  3. Try Out This Configuration:
    Antec Three Hundred Tower Gaming Case
    i5 2500k Processor
    ASUS P8Z68-V Motherboard
    G.Skill Ripjaws-X 8GB (2x 4GB) DDR3 Memory Kit
    Dual MSI GeForce GTX 560 Ti Hawk - GDDR5 1024MB 256Bit
    Seagate Barracuda - 1TB
    Antec 750W TruePower ATX Power Supply

    Should Be About AU$1,452.93
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    Anyway I dude, Im in the same boat, apparently the 2600k doesnt do much good over the 2500k for gaming so I suggest you save money on that, and for the graphics, I suggest you get one gtx 580 (its about the price of to 560tis, correct me if Im wrong) and when bf3 comes out, play around with it, if it's good enough for you then just stick with it, if not, just buy another one and put them in SLI. For mobo, Im currently leaning toward one of the asrock gen3 boards because they have pcie 3.0 hopefully meaning they'll be quite futureproof. I also suggest going with the ssd+hdd storage system, ssd for programs and os and hdd for mass storage of crap :)
  5. FOR Gaming Hyper Threading Wont be Necessary......Go For i5 2500k
  6. Yup :) (btw thats what I said, srry If I didnt make it clear)
  7. Oh sorry lol didn't know there was a new builds section, thanks for the advice. To extremejohn thanks alot for the reply. I'll look into that seems like you know what your talkIng about. To nanospy thanks alot , maybe this is why extremejohn chose the i5 2500k over the i7 2600k. Extremejohn this looks like it would be a beast system with the hawk editions in it. I looked up the price of 1 580 compared to the 2 560ti hawks and the 2 560's were about 270 each. And the 580 was $555. That's only a 15 dollar difference, does anyone know what would give me the best performance and stability? Or which one I should choose? The 2 560ti hawks or the one 580?
  8. The reason I would suggest a 580 is because having two 560tis will maximise your performance, leaving no cost efficient way for upgrading. I would get a 580 and screw around with it, getting just as much (if not more) out of it than you would two 560tis and then later, when it is considered not so powerful, buy another one, cheap and double your performance, do you know what Im getting at? basically getting one 580 would be more futureproof.
  9. Also I was thinking in the future if I do get 1 580 I could sli another one like suggested, but would the 2500k bottleneck the 2 580's?
  10. Sorry I'm behind, u guys reply when I'm typing.
  11. Also would the thermaltake dollar case fit the suggested configuration from extremejohn earlier. Because this case appeals to me a bit more =)
  12. You mean dokker right? and uh I dont know about that case, haven't heard much about it, a cm 690ii advanced should be in that price range though, also check the lancool pc-k62, beast case.
  13. Another thing will the thermaltake Fokker case fit a 580?
  14. Sorry again your too quick for me, yes I meant the dokker I'm on my iPod and the auto correct can be annoying. Anyway I'll see where I can get those cases cheap, sounds good, and it seems I might get a 3gb 580 card =) for I think the same price of the two hawk cards if I read correctly. Will be pretty happy with this. I have had slot of great progress thanks to you guys.
  15. Great, unless your using eyenifinity (3 monitors and that fancy-shmancy stuff) 3gb is pretty useless, I suggest you get the MSI N580GTX Lightning 1.5gb Twin Frozr III

    The Twin Frozr III heatsink is supposed to be a beast + it comes pre-clocked. Let me know if you need suggestions. :)
  16. Unfortunately there is now twin froze 580 on the site I'm using only twin froze there is for 560 ti ironically. Anyway here are a few questions I gathered. Another question on the build, do I need a liquid cooling kit? I don't plan on overclocking unless you guys suggest, or do I need one of those really big heatsinks? Or just the one that comes with it? And some extra info, I actually might endue using 3 monitors but I'm not sure if I will, at the moment I use 2 but only game with one because of my computer. But if you think so I will save around 40$ if I get a 1.5th card keep in mind this is not the twin froze card. They are gigabyte and Asus cards. Any suggestions with all that?
  17. Well it's the middle of the night right now and I'm getting pretty tired I'll just post again when I need to. And maybe I could ebay the twin frozr card you suggested sounds like a good idea.
  18. Here is my recommendation:



    Cooling = 170$


    Fans x4 = 76$


    1566$ a bit over :)

    And as for "future proof" use the 560 ti as a PhysX card and buy at that time a more powerful card [then *(in two years?) you will get stronger card then the GTX 590, for the price of your 560 ti]
  19. Get the 2500K and save 90$, but do you really want to?
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  21. Thank you very much for you reply, I probably will go with the 2500k now, but I don't relly understand your futureproofing? So you think the 560ti will be enough for now and have it as a discreet card later and add in a 590 or something? Question, will the one 560 ti get me the results I'm looking for as of the time being? Thanks again.
  22. Does anyone else have theyre best system that is future proof for AU$1500 get your prices here I would appreciate your opinions. At the moment I'm thinking of getting a gtx 570 OC or gtx 580 with i5 2500k.
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