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Fastest AGP Video Card

I'm upgrading my system and is looking for a fast graphics card mainly for gaming and watching HD movies.
System Specs:
CPU : Pentium 4 2.4ghz OC to 3.04
RAM: 2 X 1GB Kingston 333mhz OC to 338
Motherboard: GA-8S650GXM
PSU :Thermaltake 400w 12V:17A 5V:18A 3.3V:5A
HDD: Seagate 80GB IDE

The graphics cards I researched was the ATI 3850, ATI 4670, and NVIDIA 9800GTS. Would my systems support either of the cards, and which one is the best?

Any suggestions for the fastest graphics card that supports my system build?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    The 9800GTS would be best if there is actually an AGP version of it. I am nearly positive that no companies produced an AGP version of it. But if you found one then good for you.

    Your motherboard is only compatible with AGP 2X/4X video cards. To the best card you can buy new is the HD 4670. The HD 3850 would be faster though, but I'm not sure if it supports AGP 4X.
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  3. I've also was thinking about the 9800GT, but I would like the know about the performance difference between 9800GT, 4670 and the 3580. Is there any benchmarks to compare the graphic cards? Would my PSU be capable the run these graphics card?

    Thanks JaguarSKX for quick reply.
  4. The HD 3850 and the 9800GT both support AGP X4 but which one is better?
  5. Can the HD 3850 run on a 12V rail with just 17A?
  6. 9800 GTS? I don't think such a card exists.
    I would just get this;
    Anything more expensive simply isn't worth it. Your CPU cannot in general handle games that would need a better card.
  7. I've decided on a 4670 over a 3850. Thanks for your responses.
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