Would I need to update the BIOS for a CPU that is already supported by

Hello, this will be my first post here(Yes, I've searched the forums. but I really could not find the specific answer I was looking for), and I will start off by asking a stupid question.

I'm still a little new at this and I still need an answer to clear things up a little

I have a Foxconn 2AA9 Version 1.00 motherboard,AM3 Socket, and I was wondering If I would need to update the BIOS for it to use a AMD Phenom II X6 1045T .

And according to this :

The Motherboard will be able to support the AMD Phenom II X6 1045T,am I correct that it will not need a BIOS update? or is this to show that it can be supported WITH a BIOS update.

Currently, I am using the Athlon II x2 220 ;
and the current BIOS is from American Megatrends Inc. Version 6.04 Date: 4/22/2010

Also, if I were to update the BIOS , how would this be done for this motherboard? I've already checked Foxconn's website and I was not able to find the correct model at all!,2AA9 (or is it listed as a different name?).

If you need further information ,I can try to provide you with it.
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  1. Well it is a Foxconn board made for one of the OEM's so they will not support it. If there is an updated BIOS it would be on the OEM's site. Chances are that you will not need to update the BIOS but you better double check the OEM's site for CPU support.
  2. So, it will not be supported on this motherboard without an BIOS update?And the OEM site -- which website ?
  3. mmm. Can I get an answer? Will the motherboard support the AMD Phenom II x6 1045T or not?
  4. According to this website:


    Your mobo supports the 1045t. It should work just fine.
  5. These sites are all fishing with the same downloads at the same size, no matter what you pick. I dont't believe there any any legit downloads for this board. It's an OEM, so it's not even listed on their actual official website. Therefor, must not be supported. Shucks.
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