Need advice on core unlocking on a 960t and advice on other cpu's

Hi guys i was wondering if you could give me some help on decidinf a cpu for a upgrade im am going to be doing soon,
What I would like to know is would it be worth getting a x4 960t (Only if it can be unlocked to a hex core) or 1055t or possible a i3 2100,
this would be to go with a 6870 and 4gb ddr3 1333hz and a 650w Psu and the Fractal Design Core 1000 Midi Tower Case , for the motherboard it would be a Gigabyte GA-880GM-USB3 AMD 880G (Not sure if this would support the core unlocking if it is possible on the 960t) and im not sure what motherboard I would get if i got the i3 2100 but that is irrevalant atm and yes it is a micro atx build if that matters.
any help would be great
Thanks In advance,
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  1. The 960t is a good deal. It's a very nice processor if you don't have the money to jump for a core i5. Quad core is the current sweet spot for modern games. But don't unlock it because more cores do not benefit modern games with few exceptions. Overclock it if you want more performance.

    4GB is good enough but you might want to consider 8GB due to the increasing ram usage of games and the extremely low DDR3 ram prices at the moment.

    Don't get a cheap PSU. Seasonic makes reliable power supplies. They are commonly used in industry for their reliability. They also make the power supplies for the well established Corsair brand of power supplies.
  2. Thanks for the reply enzo, I was only thinking of getting the powercool psu because its cheap and modular, also I have read quite a few reviews saying that for the price it is awesome, but i would only have the powercool psu for a while then I would be upgrading to the corsair 750m evantually so i could get another 560 ti for sli, also I think im now gunna go for a i5 2500k as I can get one for £150, also in England I have found it incredibly hard to find seasonic psu's so I suppose I will more than likely i will go for the 750m if i can get it for less than £100, thanks for the advice.
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