New Build on Cyberpower: Xtremegear (sli/xfire) 850W or major brand?

i'm doing a build... i've already reached my budget with everything i want (i5 2500k, 560 2gb gpu..etc). looking at the usually overlooked power supply. i dont plan on SLI'ing anytime soon but want to leave that option open for the future (upgrade).

they have an 850 xtremegear sli/xfire compatible defaulted. however, for $50 more i can change it to a Corsair CMPSU-750TXV2 750W 80 Plus Power Supply - Quad SLI Ready.

obviously its 100W less, not sure its a needed 100W, but nevertheless does the gains outweight the loss of 100W??

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  1. That Corsair 750W is a great PSU. I don't know nothing about xtremegear and i never heard about that brand.
  2. the extreme gear psu's are low level andyson units kinda like the ultra's

    round here ultra psu = bad

    the tx 750 is an infinitely better psu sourced from seasonic that can be trusted even for gtx 580 sli without a problem
  3. If you are going to go that route and not build a pc yourself save yourself some dough.
    What other psu choices are offered?
    A 500W psu will power your present specs.
    I'd buy the lowest power good quality unit offered.
    If everything costs more then the default unit = stick with it.
    It cheaper and quite easy to replace a psu later on if you decide to SLI.
    Just had a look a generic 500W is the default unit.
    Buy something decent later on from NCIX or Newegg.
  4. The default is actually a 700W Xtremegear. The jump from that to the next best "name" brand (not XtremeGear) is an 850W Raidmax RX 850AE for $60 or the previously mentioned Corsair 750W TX for $80.

  5. oh... one more choice: A Thermaltake 750W TR2 RX Modular 80 Plus PSU for $60 as well.
  6. the raidmax is a not too bad andyson unit but not worth its price the tr2 750 is junk it can hardly do 650 before blowing up

    or buy it with the cheapest psu and buy a new psu seperately and swop it in
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