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I recently bought a new computer and there is a fan that makes noise, however, when I turn my computer horizontally for a second, the noise stops nad when I turn it vertically it stays quiet for like 30 minutes or longer, when everything starts all over again. I opened up the case and it seemed like it was my PSU fan(CHIEFTEC GPA-500S8). How to fix it?
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  1. Replace the PSU of it is making the noise and it is not easy to find the problem.

    It is probably a fan bearing seizing up and wobbling on its axiz.
  2. it looks like I"m having the same problem as I just posted about the COONIX 800w PSU, same exact problem makes a terrible clicking noise when standing up.

    I'm looking into replacing with a more known brand of PSU, I'm just not sure which model to get.
  3. Well, I don't have a clicking noise, it is like a big truck(only much quieter, but the noise type is the same).
  4. I have excatly the same problem with the same PSU as you do. I'm thinking to replace it soon.
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