Need help with $500-700 gaming build!

It's my first time attempting a build and have been reading on the forums for a while but I finally decided to join and ask for some help. Like I said, trying to build a PC somewhere within the 500-700 dollar range. I've done a lot of reading and whatnot but am still not sure about compatibility issues and if whether or not I'm making the best choices on components or if I could do better. Here's what I had in mind so far (I'm totally up for scratching it all and starting over btw)

CPU/MB combo :
> Phenom II x4 965 and Asus M4A87TD EVO

PSU/Case combo:
> Rosewill PSU is 750W

> Radeon HD 6870 2gb

> G.Skills 8gb (2x4gb)

As far as HD and DVD drive.. I have no clue what direction to steer towards as far as quality differences.
Again, please feel free to tell me I'm all jacked up here if that's the case. Here to learn! Thanks!

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  1. AMD Build.

    CPU + GPU combo save $18 $297

    Mobo - Gigabyte AM3+, it's better than a deadend Am3 mobo $91

    Get this PSU combo with G.skill ripjaws $102

    Get this as HDD $60

    Case + DVD drive save $10. $67

    Intel i5-2500k build
    CPU + mobo + psu + case + ram $552 save $47 and get $15 MIR

    GPU HD 6870 $180 $170 after promo code then $150 after mail in rebate.

    Samsung DVD drive $20

    Best for the money is the i5-2500k build :)

    Before rebates and promo $757
    After rebates and promo $707
  2. Wow thanks alot for quick reply.. With the build you just suggested any idea what kind of performance I can expect?
  3. Oh, hmm depends on what you want to play and stuff.

    The AMD build is good too because you can up your GPU to the 6950 with the money saved :).

    The i5-2500k build is good because you get the best CPU out on the market as of now.
  4. Gotchya. Yeah I really wasn't even looking at the i5-2500k until now but I like what I'm seeing! For instance BF3/MW3 and mostly shooters plus some Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3 (eventually).. any idea on performance there?
  5. Not sure on BF3 since a lot of people are having mixed reviews but SC2 and Diablo3 would easily be achievable on the highest settings.

    The i5-2500k build would be best hands down if you could get a 6950 there :). Anyway, BF3 would be able to work it on med to high? BF3 is still in beta so we cant be sure.
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