does it matter which slots u place ur memory???

My hardware is an (HP Pavilion Elite intel core 2 quad cpu Q6700 @ 2.66 gHz
A bencia,pegatron mother board
i want to know if it matters where u place ur bigger memory stick. My set up(total of 4 slots 2 banks. 1st bank 1st slot is"BLUE". 1st bank slot 2 is (GREY) and on the 2nd bank 3rd slot is(BLUE) and the 4th slot and 2nd bank is (GREY)
Now does it matter which slot u put the bigger memory stick. i have 2x 2g & 2x 1g sticks for a total of 6g.
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  1. Generally no it doesn't matter but for those that want to run there memory in dual channel then it would matter
  2. 1st 2 slots get the larger memory....that info came from G-Skill.....Ihave 2 4gig sticks and 2 2 gig sticks...The 4 gigs go in the slots closest tot he cpu and the 2 gigs go in the farthest slots
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