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PSU Problem COONIX 800 W

So I currently have a Ibuypower build from costco(which is no longer being sold).. It seems to be a mistake to use these companies, but I get lazy and dont wanna build all my rigs..

But with all the problems I have had it seems like buildling is far superior of a method for a gaming PC (cheap and quality control is up to you)

Eitherway I am stuck with what I got, and my issue currently involves this:

So as I was cleaning my computer the other day I was wiping it down and all of the sudden my psu starts making this clicking noise as if a knut or bolt was falling onto the fan which is located at the bottom of my IBP rig. so I laid the computer on it's side and the clicking stopped. I tried to pick the computer up to stand again and the clicking was non existent for about 1-2 hours of computer fun until it picked up again. I tried to same tactic to temporarily fix it as I didn't wanna replace the PSU, however now the computer wont boot past the bios menu. I'm concerned because my computer is still quite new.

Anyway I am not sure what I should do here. Thanks guys.

EDIT: I've found that the computer makes no clicking sounds and has no problems booting up while its layed flat on it's motherboard. I am semi apt with PSU's but I am not convident in replacing the setup with the all the peripherals. (IE the liquid cooling)
I'm wondering if I should bring this into a computer shop in my area and ask them to replace the PSU with a better one, and perhaps install me another 6950 HD.

if I were to replace what PSU should I get
Current PSU having issues is: COONIX 800W []
Mobo: INTEL-x58A (Gigabyte)
Ram: 12 GB (Probably cheap)
Processor: Intel core i7 960 @3.20 GHZ
GFX: XFX ATI RADEON 6950 HD 2GB would like to upgrade to 2x ATI radeon 6950.
NZXT Phantom Case.

Let me know what your suggestions are.
Currently the computer functions properly when laying with the motherboard flat and not vertical.
I will not be able to leave the computer laying on its side for a long period of time and I do not feel comfortable rewiring all of the peripherals in my computer.

So I may pay someone to come and rewire a new PSU and perhaps x-fire a ATI radeon 6950 in to it.

What do you all think? Thanks in advance.

If you have any suggestions at all that include problem solving I have open eyes and open ears.
Never buy pre-made gaming PCs from those cheap companies I hear mostly horror stories from Ibuypower and cyberpower PCs
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  1. You realize on both of their websites you can choose which power supply you want to put into your system.....
  2. @amuffin
    the first thing I said .. So I currently have a Ibuypower build from costco(which is no longer being sold)..

    I bought the computer from costco so I had the ability to return it in the event of a problematic build, this gave me no options to modify it and I was not told which brand of PSU I'd be receiving I just assumed that 800w of any brand would be suitable.

    I didn't think the PSU would fail so fast.. but oh well It's mine now and I have the money to replace so I am wondering which would be better than the 800 W PSU from COONIX.
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    Corsair tx 750w. Its a great if not the best 750w for price/performance
  4. I will have to order that one, will it support 2x ATI radeon 6950s 2gb?
  5. Yes.
  6. defn said:

    COONIX 800W

    A picture of the label would probably have great entertainment value, can you provide one ?
  7. google couldn't find any specs.
  8. jsc said:
    google couldn't find any specs.

    With a name like that I didn't think it would.
  9. i will take a picture later today so you all can can see.. wish I could take a video so you all could hear as well.
  10. Here are two pictures.
    1: PSU

    Label included

    General computer.

    I guess let the lulz ensue.
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