Xeon or i7 cpu? need help

A friend of mine needed some cash so for $100 bucks he "gave me" an intel lga 2011 cpu i7 Q19D. some research on google states the cpu is a xeon es sample 8 core 16 threads with 20mb cache lga 2011 socket. so i would like to test the cpu, i was wondering if this cpu will work on the regular x79 board from lets say asus... i looked at intels website they offer a dx79si which supports xeons cpu's. he says the cpu works but i have yet to test, if it really is a xeon cpu would i need ecc ramm? i just got the board in from newegg today but i am not sure if i should try and test it.. any ideas? i've seen the same cpu on ebay for $500 to $1300 on ebay. what do you guys think? what type of memory should i use? should i even try it all?
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  1. Where did your friend get this cpu from?
  2. I don't have a clue. my best guess ebay..

    amuffin said:
    Where did your friend get this cpu from?
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