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i am using the ATI Radeon HD 4200 grahpic card and i recently got empire total war and even at the losest deffults lagged, so i was wondering if i could upgrade my graphic card with out it being to costly?
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  1. That depends, it won't be cheap and probably the rest of your system is old (?) and should maybe be updated / bought new. Computer specs please. ( processor, pcu power output, memory etc. )
  2. sorry i meant psu power output, it's late, really need to go to bed now
  3. oh well i under stand, so is there no way i couldnt just buy a new graphics card with out buying anything else , im not looking for the best top of the line card, im more of looking for one that will play a game like empire total war with small to no lag on average settings? also i dont think anything else is wronge i looked at my rating scale for windows 7 and my graphic card is 4.2 out of 10 and gameing graphic is 5.2 and everything thing else is 7.
  4. i can't tell if i don't know what kind of pc you have, so . . .
  5. oh my bad uhm i have a acpi x64 based pc
  6. with an i3 or i5 or i7, 870, 960 ? how much memory ? how much power ( watt ) from your power supply unit ( transformer ) ? The way a pc is performing is a combination of all of these components. It has no use to put in a powerfull gaming videocard when you only have a pentium 4 with 2G of memory and a powersupply of only 300 Watts.
    So please give me all the system information you know of
  7. We need to know what processor is in your computer and what power supply before we can give any advice. How much ram, what resolution you use and a budget would also help.
  8. Exactly ! Seems the answer may take a while so i'm off to me bed now, worked ( i'm a security guard so maybe working is a bit overstated . . . ) from yesterday 18.30 till 7.30 this morning. jyjjy have fun with it. :hello:
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