Best codec/settings for AIW video capture

I would just like to know which settings for an ATI All in wonder will give me the best quality video. Sound only has to be decent, but I don't have time to go through and test every setup. If someone knows what works nice I'd really appreciate it. I plan on capturing from a VCR so I want to generally keep the VCRs quality.
Thanks in advance
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  1. I suggest:
    with Huffyuv YUV codec
    And after that software compression to either VCD or SVCD.
    Panasonic, TMPEG or bbMPEG encoders.
    Try it! /gabbe
  2. alright thanks a ton I'll test it out right now
  3. I just tested it out and it worked great. No dropped frames at all for roughly 15 seconds of capture. the file wasn't gigantic either. So overall it was good. Thanks a ton
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