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I have just bought the new IPAQ 6300 series with built in mobile phone and
bluetooth, it works fine with a Jabra bluetooth headset, but here's the

Has anypne used the IPAQ with the Parrot ck3100 bluetooth car kit? Or even
the Nokia 610 similair kit. The web site says it works with all bluetooth
phones but most dealers say they don't know for sure.

Just wnat to make sure before i spend out on something that may not work


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  1. Archived from groups: alt.cellular.bluetooth (More info?)

    I have an ipaq 6315 and a Parrot CK3100. The Parrot connects to the
    ipaq, but not automatically. Once paired, you have to connect manually
    each time. Once connected, they work fine together. You can select
    your entire contact list and upload it to the Parrot in one pass.

    The ipaq won't allow the Parrot to initiate a phone call. You can use
    the ipaq's voice dialing if you have voice command installed. The ipaq
    not accepting input from a bluetooth car kit is a known problem that
    HP is, apparently, working on.
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