Bridging an Actiontec GT704WG w/ a Linksys BEFW11S4

I have an Actiontec Cable Modem #GT704WG (from Verizon) and a Linksys Broadband Router #BEFW11S4. There's nothing wrong with the Actiontec, other than it won't let my son's DS get online via WiFi. Or my DS, for that matter, too ;)

What steps would I take to get these two devices running in Bridge mode?

And if I do successfully Bridge them but the Linksys won't let my son get online (although everything I've read says it is compatible with the DS' WiFi), what steps do I take to remove the Linksys Router and unbridge(?) the two devices?

Thank you in advance,
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  1. The Linksys router cannot be used in Bridge mode; however, what you could do is connect the Linksys to the ActionTec and put the IP of the Linksys into the DMZ of the ActionTec.

    here is what needs to happen.
    login to the Linksys
    change the LAN IP of the Linksys to
    Save settings
    Setup you wireless security (Save settings)
    set the WAN to Static IP and enter

    Hostname Linksys

    Save Settings and connect the the WAN/internet port to the ActionTec

    login to the Actiontec
    you should be able to see the Linksys in the list

    select Security
    select DMZ Hosting
    choose the Linksys

    DMZ will connect the Linksys directly to the outside world; therefore, none of the Actiontec security feature will effect the Linksys.
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