Is this PSU any good (ebay link ) Powercool 750W ATX Modular 80 plus

is this any good ?

i want to upgrade

current system

gtx 460 msi
amd 640 quad core
4gb ddr 3

regular cd/dvd and hard drive
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  1. If i read correclty it has 64 amps!!!!!!! thats really good now if i read right that will definelty power that system
  2. 64 amps ??

    surely not

    it has 32 , no psu has 64 amps, that sounds too high
  3. I would say no since its not a well known brand so you can't be sure of the components inside. My PSU has 52 amps, which I think is among the highest.
  4. I have never heard of the brand and can't seem to find any legit reviews therefore I would stay away. 64 amps is pretty impressive for a 750w PSU though, my Corsair 750TX only has 60 amps. For those of you that think that is alot the Corsair AX1200 has a single 100 amp rail !

    Look for a power supply from Corsair, Seasonic, PC Power and Cooling, XFX, Enermax, Silverstone or Antec. This list is pretty up to date.
  5. It has two 32A 12V rails. It cannot be assumed that they can both be loaded to 32A at the same time, especially not on a unit of unknown, likely low, quality.
    I heard off someone who owns/owned one and he said that the 750W number is the peak figure rather than the continuous figure, which is another indication that it is a low quality unit.

    What do you want to upgrade to? Maybe you don't need a so called '750W' unit and would be better off with a high quality ~550W unit.
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