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I5-2400/ASRock Mobo "INVALID CPU TYPE OR SPEED" error

I completed my build, had everything plugged in correctly etc. Computer boots for 1-2 seconds, won't even get to POST, and the computer shuts off. There is no beep from the motherboard, and the system continues to try and boot until I cut the power.

CPU: Intel Core i5-2400 LGA1155
Motherboard: ASRock Z68 Extreme3 Gen3

The debugger code on the motherboard displays the error: "invalid CPU type or speed." Given that this is a new, modern motherboard with a socket that is most certainly compatible with the CPU, is this a motherboard issue or a CPU issue? What is the best fix?

I have installed the CPU twice and triple and quadruple checked all cables and connections, and this error is the only thing that's shown up so far (then again, booting doesn't get far past that).
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  1. Any bent CPU pins on the motherboard? Can you get into the BIOS?
  2. No bent pins on the motherboard, nothing obstructing the socket that I can see. I cannot get into the BIOS since it won't even POST.
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    If it's more than 30 days old contact ASRock for an RMA. Intel will require you to test on more than 1 motherboard before they'll allow RMA. If you're still within 30-days, contact the reseller for replacement of 1 or both items.
  4. The issue was bad RAM. See this thread on INVALID CPU TYPE OR SPEED
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