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I am working on my new build, this is a general info question.

What is the purpose of the 8 pin ATX 12v Power Connector plug-in at the top of my mobo (noob question). I assume it's some sort of auxiliary power? Also, my psu is semi-modular and the cable for this is just barely long enough to reach if I stretch it across the mobo, is there an extension cable I can buy so I can route it through the back?

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The only think my manual says about it is this...

thanks all,

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  1. I assume this will work?

    However, as I'm learning my way through this I'm still curious why my mobo has both 20+4 power connector as well as 8 pin... would love an explanation, or point me in the right direction...

    thanks again.

    BTW, if it weren't for TomsHardware I would have never decided to build my own computer... I'm incredibly grateful for all of you, especially for whoever it was I saw one on here that has the tag in their signature that says "there's absolutely no reason you can't build your own computer."
  2. OK, so I'm answering my own questions. Just read on enthusiast PC that the 8pin eps connector is for the CPU while the 20+4 connector is basically for the rest of the mobo. If this is wrong let me know, otherwise I think I just answered my own question.
  3. This may be a year later, but yes, you are correct in what those connectors are for. The 8 pin is for the CPU and the 20+4 is the bulk of the other motherboard items.
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