New budget gaming pc

Sup people! :) (greetings from Australia!)

Big nub here wanting to ask you veterans for some opinions

Been wanting to get a new gaming Pc for a while now but i dont really have all that money
to get like a uber, hardcore machine. so im settling on a budget one for now.

Here's what i've been looking at so far:

Deepcool Ice Edge Mini FS
EVGA PCIe GTS450 512MB 783MHz, 1566MHz (x2 want to try sli)

Aywun 550W MEGA POWER ECO Series A1-550E Power Supply
PowerCase 580W 120mm Silent Fan Power Supply (i'll get which ever PSU is cheaper in market)
Widetech 650w Power Supply

INTEL CPU CORE i3 2100/3.10GHz

Gigabyte GZ-Z68X-D3H-B3 MB, LGA 1155, Intel Z68, DDR3 1333, PCI-Ex16, SATA2, SATA3, USB3.0
A-RAM 4GB KIT (2 x 2GB) DDR3 PC-10600 (1333MHz)

Note that i'll be reusing my HDD, DVD drive and maybe the memory.
Total price give or take $650

Here's the website i found them on:
Also Mwave

let me know what you think!
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  1. For sure get a good quality psu. If your psu blows on you, there's a good chance it will take out a few other parts with it.

    Check PSUs from antec, corsair, xfx, seasonic.
  2. mmh..
    alright will have to find one that won't blow my budget(which is about $700, i hope)
    maybe a corsair cx-600...

    what about everything else?
  3. mmh.. okay maybe $400 is a little too cheap but then again im still working on this

    Resolution is 1920*1200 :)
  4. Well the 400 is without the vid card. A good vid card for your resolution is about 250 and upwards.

    I'd say depending on your expectation, i'd suggest a minimum of either a gtx560ti or an amd 6950.
  5. Quote:
    I'd say depending on your expectation, i'd suggest a minimum of either a gtx560ti or an amd 6950.

  6. gtx 560ti .. i don't know

    i was thinking about the evga gts 450 512mb and use sli and maybe oc them a bit

    price wise two gts 450 is only $158 at the moment

    would the performance be just as good?

    i mean i oc'ed my 9600 gt and its running mass effect 2 at 50-60fps :D (full settings too no AA though)
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    Hmm 2x gts 450 may equal 1 gtx560ti for now, but in let's say a year, you can get another 560ti then sli. While you'll have to replace both gts450 to improve performance.

    Or what you can do is go for the cheaper vidcards, while improving the other parts in preparation for future vidcard upgrade. Like getting a 650-750w psu, an sli mobo (make sure it runs x8 x8) and maybe even an i5 2400.
  8. sounds like a good idea. i'll do that if i can't decide.

    although i don't think the performance of the two graphics cards are going to diminish that greatly in one year, more like 3 ish

    i mean its been a while and i been using the same graphics card for a while now and its still playable on most games
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