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Can a H40 cool a 1100T easily ?

I've recently bought a 1100T Cpu but the stock fan is really noisy... I'm looking for a corsair hydro cooler, what would be the best pick ?
- No overclocking -
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  1. Without OCing you definitely don't need water cooling. A $30 Xigmatek SD963 would almost certainly be fine, or a $50 Scythe Mugen 3 if you want to go overkill.

    Proper thermal paste application (many people screw this up):
    HDT (the 963):
    Smooth base (Mugen):
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    have you tried lowering the fa speed in the bios, the amd heatpipe coolers are quite beefy and can handle the loads very well even at lowered rpm, look in the hardware monitor in the bios and see if you can lower it

    and to answer your question, yes water coling is generlly used for overclocking, so if you re not overclocking, the performance of the cooler will be even better, no mater which solution you choose
  3. If you havent already you might also want to download hwmonitor to see the temp the phenom is running at you can get the software for free from the cpuid web site...
  4. I've installed Speedfan, the RPM isn't the problem, it's the heat too, idling at like 40-45, the RPM is like 4000-4500...

    I've only the stock fans on my case (800D) so there wasn't a really good airflow.

    I've bought a H100 on rebate, so everything should be fine. Thank you all !:)
  5. Yes you can use a H100 with the 1100t but as was said already if your not going to overclock there is really no point in water cooling.
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