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Can a Corsair H40 cool a AMD 1100T ?

I've recently bought a Phenom II X6 1100T BE and only put the stock heatsink/fan and the temp is good, but when playing battlefield 3, it's spinning like hell and doing a lot of noise. I want to change to a Corsair liquid cooling system, so will the H40 cool my CPU (It ain't overclocked, 3.3 GHz) or do I need a better cooler from Corsair ? :sweat:

Thank you ! :hello:
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  1. It should although they do not publish max tdp for it. If you are planning to overclock I would though step up a little on the cooler
  2. I'm not planning to overclock, well not right now. But staying in the corsair liquid cooler, which cooler will suit me best ?
  3. i dont think that the cooler would be that effective... probably about as good or just marginaly better than stock cooling... just because a manufacturer brings out a bracket doesn't mean that it will be effective. the h40 is for lower wattage cpu's like the intel i3's if your pushing 140w, which to be blunt is likley with an amd you will need a substantial cooler like the hyper 212 or similar... you want to be looking at coolers that can handle upwards of 240w of heat.
  4. So I should take a H60 minimum ?
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  6. Finally I bought a H100 that was on rebate (100$ instead of 120$) even cheaper than the H80.

    Thank you all!
  7. You can overclock a ton on the h100, well have fun! ;)
  8. When it's gonna get old when actual games, I think I will OC it a bit :D

  9. ** I'm gonna overclock it when my Rig is gonna be too old for actual games**
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