Games crashing after upgrading my CPU

I installed a AMD phenom II 960TBE as an upgrade from a athlon 64 X2 5k+,
now i can play all my game lag free all max settings but my games keep crashing every so often. i cannot figure out what the problem is what so ever.
the games never give out an error just comes up as stop responding
I was able to play the games at med to high with the athlon installed with lag

here is my specs
AMD Phenom II 960T(BE)200X15-3ghz
4gb ddr2-800mhz 6-6-6-18-24-2(ganged)
nvidia Geforce 450gts 1gb
Windows 7 ultimate 32bit SP1(Fresh install after upgrading)
Raidmax 630watt PSU

Any other info ill update with need any thought on the problem would be nice

Games that this problem is consisting on (Black Ops,Left 4 Dead 2,BattleField 3,BC2)
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  1. Try using the Prime95 stress testing tool to see if that can make the computer act funky (let it run for several hours).
    Try searching for any CPU/motherboard/GPU drivers/firmware/updates.
  2. Which motherboard? Some motherboards do not support the 960t.
  3. Im running the asrock a770De+ whihc i upgraded the bios to 1.7 which is the newest.
    i unlocked the cores after testing the cpu amnd then i ran prime95 with the other 2 cores enabled and it seems to be stble allowed it to run with blended settings for few hours.
    right now i am currently using it with stock settings with 4 cores enabled ill try allowing prime to run on just the 4 cores instead off the 6
  4. could it be possible that my procssor is now bottlnecking my gpu making the games crash?
    the only other thing i could think of maybe my hard drive using 2 older 3gb/s sata drives in raid 0 for OS and a Western Digital scorpio for my games
  5. I Installed 64bit of windows 7 onto an old patra WD caviar and now games are maxing out no problems at all didnt do anything else different but my headset dont work on 64bit nor does my tuner so would pefer to stick with my 32bit instead of 64bit
    anyone have any other ideas?
    this motherboard does have a limitation of only using 3.28gb of my 4gb of ram under 32bit but no problems under 64bit but i was able to max out settings with the athlon installed too?
  6. You could try removing everything not needed to game (tuner, headset, etc), and see if it still chokes, to verify that it is a problem with the core system. (Or you could hunt down the 64-bit drivers if they exist and be on your way).

    Is there any pattern to the crashes?
  7. i already have the bear minimum i guess im just stuck with 64bit and have to put more money in or look for some hacked drivers for my hardware thanks guys for the attemps though still open for any other ideas it will help
  8. Another random idea would be to turn on logging mode (if possible) for the games and see if you can't determine the root cause from that...

    Also maybe try the gfx card/ram in different slots (idk if the computer will even boot while these are in different slots, but it's worth a shot)

    I'm basically just shooting in the dark at this point...
  9. well when some of the games crash it comes up as dx ran out of memory which im using all same hardware but cpu changed and games are doing it on lowest setting even would upgrading the cpu use more of my ram at all?
    i installed 64bit windows 7 ultimate in it and works just funtional minus having driver problems. need 32bit for alot of my hardware and games!
  10. Well googling that gives another idea that might help:

    If that doesn't work, see what else pops up when you google:
    directx ran out of memory
  11. ok will try in a minutes thanks for the help so far guys!
  12. well that seems to make it crash even sooner!
    this is not making no sence whatsoever!
    i know that the only difference from the athlon to phenom is that it has the memory controller on the chip would that cause any problems?
    might be stuck having to downgrade to 64bit!
  13. Well if that influenced the bugs then it means that we're probably getting pretty close to the root cause.
    Recommends 2900 to 3030 for the userva value. You could either change it in the Boot.ini file or use the command that the post suggested. Backup a copy of the boot.ini file before modifying it by hand.
  14. still seems to crash even put in a 20gb for a swap drive and still has problems i bought a cheap 10 buck headset I appreciate the help guys exspecially you squirel
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