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okay I asked all this one another forums and hadnt gotten any replies in 6 days with updating it a few times so i figured i was in the wrong forums so i will ask here. (copy pasted)

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With DF 2.0 near I was looking to upgrade what ive got so this time around i may be able to function during sieges a little better. Was wondering what the best bang for my $ would be on about a 300$ budget to upgrade this computer. I can spend another 200 or so in about 6months if need be. I am mainly considering mobo an CPU due to the fact I had heard several times DF is more CPU demanding them most games rather then GPU but that may just be garbage information. Here is my current set up.

AMD Phenom II x4 955
ATI HD Radeon 5850 1gb gddr5 Core Clock in MHz 850 MHz Memory Clock in MHz 1200 MHz
MoBo Gigabyte GA-MA790GPT-UD3H [...] id=3143#ov
8 gigs of ram
64-bit operating syst

I was wondering if there are even any upgrades worth spending on at this time in that budget range. I havent touched this computer in about 2 years now. ID prefer a z77 for OC'in and would like to stick with the 3570k for more future proofing. Id prefer the cheaper 2 boards but will spend more if advised on the extreme 4, if its a must. No SLI or Xfire required as i have no intentions or desire to.

Thanks in advance for any advice. Also I am not opposed to trying Intel if needed.

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Okay I have decided to upgrade my mobo and CPU now before launch so i have plenty of time to reformat my computer, install updates, get things running smooth ect. I will purchase a new Video card (most likely the 7950) when the black friday sales hit or christmas sales if its needed.

I was looking into pairing this mobo/cpu.


mobo is either

Heres my new question
is this a large enough of a mobo cpu upgrade to warrant the 300$? Real world gaming do you think it will help me to have settings on high versus what I keep it on now, (no shadows, lower detals). Also will either mobo allow moderate OC'ing? nothing much over say 4.2-4.4ghz. I have 750w PSU btw, forgot which brand but i remember gettin a better quality a few years ago when i bought it.
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  1. Looking to order soon, and knowledge would be of great help.
  2. I don't think anything groundbreaking is going to be unveiled in the next year or two that can compete with the curreny ivy bridge i5/i7. Although phenom II is pretty decent processor, but with games like GW2 and probably DF 2.0 they tend to run better on intel for some reason. If you are going to upgrade to 3570k + mobo. I would also buy a $30-40 CPU cooler, especially for overclocking to 4.5ghz stable at normal temps it is a good difference of 20-25 degrees C compared to the stock cooler.

    Edit: DO NOT get a MSI board unless you plan on not OC'ing much. Trust me just blew a z77a-g45 board on a light overclock in two weeks. Stick with Asrock/gigabyte
  3. thanks for the advice. I will get a cooler, if i can find a board under 100$ i like. Im trying to make sure z75 will work for what I want. Its basically the z77 correct that accept ivy bridge and over clocking? pro3 z75 will do the trick correct and still leave me room for the future. Ill steer from MSI ty for the advice.
  4. I went out on a limb and got the ASrock. Love it and pending something catastrophic don't plan on buying anything else. Give it a go!
  5. J_E_D_70 said:
    I went out on a limb and got the ASrock. Love it and pending something catastrophic don't plan on buying anything else. Give it a go!

    I also have an Asrock Z77, but it's the Extreme 6 & I'm loving it, but i haven't tried an overclock (I really don't know how.....even though I've read a lot up on it) I'm curious though to do the simple OC in the bios provided by Asrock which would put me at 4.0ghz in a split second. Have you had experience doing that? are there any other steps I would need to do other then clicking on the simple OC?

    I'm running an I5-3570K with a CM Hyper 212 Plus heatsink with a Scythe Ultra Kaze 120mm cooling fan & idle temps stay around 28-30c & using Prime 95 for over an hour & a half temps won't go over 64c

    I'm sorry to bud in, but wanted to ask :-)
  6. I got 4.4 doing nothing but changing the multiplier. 4.5 was unstable and probably needed more voltage. At any rate, try the easy OC, run Prime95 and watch your temps. I'd think you'd be fine.

    Sorry to hijack as well :)
  7. thanks for the reply. No worries on asking other stuff. Well I am thinking if i went with the asrock z75 i have listed vs the z77 extreme4 I could save 40-50$ and spend that towards a aftermarket cooler to OC with. The z75 does pretty much all the z77 does correct? minus sli which I dont need or am I wrong thinking they are basically the same?
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