Static on the back of my mobo

Hi all,

First time builder and complete noob - bit worried I may have damaged my motherboard. I was installing with my case laid on my bare bed (no mattress cover, so it was laid on rough, staticky mattress). I grounded myself but I'm a bit concerned that when I placed the motherboard in the case, the back of it was hanging through the back of the case and probably came into contact with the mattress. As I was sliding it about a bit, I'm terrified I might have fried it.

Since then I took the mobo back out, installed the risers and screwed it in properly. Just wondered if anyone could tell me what the general chance of me having caused irreparable damage is?

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  1. Seems unlikely any damage was done.
  2. Thanks for replying - have since hooked everything up and don't seem to have any problems. Will teach me to be more careful next time though.
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