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Confused: wich cpu for gaming

hey all,

u see Im building a rig for a friend of mine and Im confused wich cpu should i use?

amd 965 / amd 955 / i3-2100 (sorry but these are my only options :P)

overclocking not an issue..

the other components are :

gtx 560ti
8gb ram

( these are common )

n his uses are only gaming( nd when i say gaming i mean hardcore gaming!!) , seeing videos online that's all

so accordingly wich cpu i should use...?? very confused

thanks all :na:
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  1. The I3 has the most performance until you hit multithreaded apps (very few games) or do multitasking. The I3 on a lga1155 board has the best CPU upgrade path, funds allowing an upgrade at a later date.
  2. but to play high end games like battlefield 3 / skyrim / mw3 will the i3 cope up...?
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    Yes it will. BF3 as an example,3063-13.html
    The only reason to go with the phenoms is if you are going to overclock
  4. I agree with Rolli, if your not going to overclock than the I3 would be your best choice.
  5. If you can afford like a 212+ for the heatsink (30$), then go with the phenom so you can give it a nice overclock.

    If you can't afford, at the least, 212+ as the heat sink on top of the cpu cost, then go with the i3 2100

    If you do go the phenom route, get the 960t, it's 110$ and can be overclocked just as high as the 955 BE (because the 955 BE's aren't in stock due to them not even being created anymore).
  6. just asking out of the blue : will it be necessary to overclock ?
  7. No it's not necessary but for gaming it helps squeeze out every little bit of performance.
  8. i3-2100, because it uses socket 1155 which is ivybridge compatible. So you can later upgrade to a quad core i5-3xxx or i7-3xxx
  9. ok so final answer : for gaming and seeing videos i3-2100 or the 965 be overcocked to lets say 3.8GHz ?
  10. I still say the I3 2100.
  11. I would always choose an Intel product; however, since you are on a budget, I would go with the 965. You can overclock it safely to 3.8 and sometimes 3.9 Ghz.
    This would be my choice, but ONLY if I never planned to upgrade the processor. Like amuffin said, you can always upgrade with the 1155 socket. Plus the core prices will likely drop when Ivy Bridge releases.
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