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Just want some opinions on which video card to buy. I am getting ready to build a new system, and I know every component I am going to buy with the exception on the GPUs. I use CAD and Revit throughout the day, and I play FF and COD in the evenings. I am looking at buying the following:

Dual GTX 590s or Radeon 6990 (Will run 2 if they will Crossfire and fit in the system.) Using a Asus Rampage III Extreme MB and Raven RV02 Case.

Thanks for any suggestions.
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  1. will this computer be making you money???

    if it is- pls consider a pro style workstation card......they'll still play your games at night......but will leave you with much more support for all professional 3d type programs

    another thing to consider is the lack of supply of 6990s and 590's as well........altho there seems to be a few 590's around
  2. Yes this computer makes me money. I have looked a workstation cards, and a total workstation build. To build an equal workstation versus a gamer based PC is a difference of approx $3000.00. And since I am building two of these systems, I can get two for the price of approx. one workstation computer. If I went with a workstation card it would be a nVidia 5000 most likely, but even with the 5000 or 6000 I would have to have two cards to run my 6 monitors, which at $3700 for a 6000 would be quite expensive (over $10,000 rig). Have you played any MMOs with a 5000 WS card? If so did you get good performance? Would be interested to know. Thank you for the responcse.
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