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Nvidia or radeon ? O.o

Hello. Im just wondering what gpu I should go with. The GF 550 or the 6850. And what nvidia gpu is on par with the 6850 ? thank you for feedback
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  1. Euh, i think you mean the GTX550, when i google GF550 i get an turntable or a frying pan, so ? If you mean the GTX550 vs HD 6850 then go for the radeon it's a bit better. A GTX 560 though is better then the 6850, but more expensive. The nvidea closest to the 6850 is probably a GTX460. It also depends a bit on the game. Maybe google HD 6850 benchmarks, so you can see for yourself.
  2. i suggest you a 6950. nuf said
  3. .....way out of my budget and ROFL gf = GEFORCE :P least on tomshardware
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  5. trolling troll said:
    .....way out of my budget and ROFL gf = GEFORCE :P least on tomshardware

    Ha, i knew that, just testing you. ( ok, i didn't know that ) Everyday you learn a bit more. It was a nice frying pan though. And i made you laugh, so that's a good thing. Anyway; I'm Dutch, sue me !
  6. word homie....DUETSCHLANBD ftw bro...
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  8. out of the two obviously a 6850
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