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Hello what I'm wondering is can i power a gfx card above 75w on an intel dh 61 cr motherboard or is it the psu that supplys the extra power requirements for sorry for being so naive i have an i3 2120 8gb ram 350w psu 1 x hdd 1 x cd drive help would be appreciated tremendously my ideal card would be a 650ti 0r just a 650 Would accept 7750 only if i had no other option with my current setup to keep the gfx card powered by pcie slot alone Thanks !
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  1. PCIe 2.1 provides for powering up to 150W through the slot. I would not attempt to run a GTX650ti without additional PCIe power. Staying with NVidia, if you want to, you could go GT640 though
  2. Thanks the 640 seems perfect for my requirements a lot less hassle and saving best part of 100$ and think i only have 1x pcie X16 1x pcie conection 2x/pcie express on my board would you know how much power the pciex8 would provide and if possible recommended a connector/s as i would really like the 650ti as you are getting assassin's creed 3 with it which is not even released yet for the pc as i live in Scotland
  3. Looking up your motherboard, I find that you have a single PCIe 2.0 x16 slot which falls under the 75W limit from the slot.
    What PSU do you currently have and does it feature PCie connectors? Or do you have four unused molex connectors (adapters are available - I don't usually recommend them but they can work). We might be able to get you on a slightly more powerful card.
  4. Thanks i have 3x molex but only 1 free i also can see that i haven't got any pcie connectors coming from my psu its a fsp generic type ps: what is the stated power coming Thur the pcie x 16 would i run in to trouble with the gt640 as well ? Thanks you're help is much appreciated as if i made a Major booboo i would hate it
  5. I had to look it up before responding, the maximum power the GT640 draws is 65W so you're golden if you want to go that route.
    They do recommend a 350W PSU though - which you have.
  6. Thanks the gt 640 certainly would be an ideal choice for the system but would rather the have 7750 for the extra performance still looking at ways to get a 650ti on to my system has anyone got a home-brew idea splice a cable or two or the sensible option is to change psu anyone got a suggestion on a psu with pcie supplementary power
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