Changing my IP address on a 2 wire DSL modem

for some reason my IP address at home has been banned from a board. No I am not banned as I post all the time at work. so I have tryied the unplug the modem over night ip did not change, I tried ipconfig/release and renew still comes back with the same IP, I went to and the ip is totaly different but it says that is because my router is assing the ip. so do i see if i can get a static address or are there other options for me
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  1. The website will see your external IP, which is dished out by your ISP. And ipconfig renew is for your network IP (internal IP) only, and will not affect your external IP. Most of the time you just get a single external IP, and your NAT router takes care of the rest.

    Try contacting your ISP to see if they can change your IP.
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