ASRock p67 extreme4 + z68 extreme4 failure to post

So here is my story. I started encountering problems with my machine a good many months ago. At the time i was using:

ASRock p67 extreme4 gen3
Evga gtx 570
I7 2600k 3.4ghz Sandy Bridge
4x4GB G. Skill Ripjaw
700W Corsair PSU

What would happen is that my computer would fail to display any video if I attempted to switch to a different display device. It would seemingly fix itself at random. I believed at the time that it was a video card problem. So I got a second GTX570 figuring that if proved to not be a video card issue then at least I have two of them to SLI with. Anyway, had the same problem with the new card. I also ended up replacing my PSU with a 850W modular Thermaltake.

Fast forward to last week... Computer was working fine but I wanted to move it to a different room. Took a chance and did it. Lo and behold, no video. Not only that, but it was failing to post at all. Couldn't get it working. Upon examination I noticed that my Dr. Debug was giving me an error code of A3 - IDE Enable. Confused, I contacted ASRock tech support. After going through the standard troubleshooting steps of shuffling RAM, flashing BIOS, etc, they recommended that I replace the board.

I went ahead and got an ASRock z68 extreme4 gen3. Put it together and got the exact same problem. At this point ASRock was telling me that I likely had a bad processor. So I called Intel to see what they had to say. They informed me that the I7 2600k wasn't fully compatible with the 1600Mhz RAM I was using which could damage the processor over time. They recommended that I replace the processor and use DDR3 1333Mhz RAM instead. So, not wanting to wait for a delivery, I took a 2 hour road trip to hit up CompUSA. I picked up a new i7 2600k as well as 4 sticks of Kingston DDR3 1333Mhz 4GB RAM. Hooked everything up to the original board since I figure that board is actually fine and I still can't get it to post, only this time I was getting error code 2E - Memory Initialization, Configuring Memory; and error code 45 - OEM post memory initialization codes depending on what RAM slots I used. Perplexed, I took the new RAM and processor and installed them in the z68 and once again encountered the A3 - IDE enable error. I've now used about every combination off parts i have to try to fix it but keep getting one of those three error codes with no video or post. I am at a complete loss and really hope someone can help me out.
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  1. Hi, What happens if you remove all HDDs and leave only the DVD drive with a bootable DVD in it?
  2. This is with no hdd's or any other drives connected. Only thing I had plugged into the boards for testing purposes was RAM, cpu, power supply, and with the p67 also a video card since that board has no integrated graphics. I wasn't worried about any boot devices since my immediate concern was to simply have a working video output and to reach the bios.
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    It might be a video cable issue. Can you test a different one?
  4. Ok problem fixed. It ended up being a combination of a faulty motherboard AND a bad HDMI cable. Funny, I could have sworn that I had tested that HDMI cable multiple times. Installed the new z68 mobo and all of my other old hardware along with a new cable and now it's working great. Haha thanks man! It's always the stupidest things that hold you up. Now it's time for ANOTHER two hour road trip to return the stuff that I bought yesterday. Well, actually 4 hours round trip. Ugh...

    Anyway, thanks again!
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