Memory modules differs in clock speed, is that normal?

I have long thought something is wrong with my memory, after installing new and still think they under-perform, I will post here to try and solve what's going on.

First when looking at NVidia System info I get these Memory Bus Frequencies:

Dimm 0: 803.844
Dimm 1: 803.848
Dimm 2: 803.866
Dimm 3: 803.837

And the speed varies all the time, is that normal? SiSoftware Sandra don't complain about it.

My system:
RAM: 4 x CM2X2048-6400C5DHX
Motherboard: M2N68-LA (Narra3)
CPU: AMD Phenom 9500 Quad
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  1. That is normal speed, as long as they do not drop under 800 forvery long.
  2. Since DRAM clocks are all derived from the same clock tree inside the CPU, it is impossible for DIMMs to operate at different frequencies. What you are seeing is most likely an artifact from PLL noise and sampling timing variations.

    We're talking about a 0.002% deviation here, well within measurement error margins.
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