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I'm a little confused about my motherboard manual, where it refers to the "Megabit Technology" of the DIMM used.
The MEMORY FAQ (please see before posting), here helped a little.

Someone tell me if I'm wrong; but, if a DIMM (perhaps SDRAM) has a 64MBx4 configuration, that's what the Memory Faq was referring to where it says, "Memory module bank".

See, I'm thinking of upgrading memory on a Jabil (Kadoka) Motherboard that has online specs, and they're written a little confusingly. refers to a chart:
Megabit Technology Maximum Size DIMM
------------------ -----------------
8 Megabit 16 megabytes
16 Megabit 32 megabytes
32 Megabit 64 megabytes
64 Megabit 128 megabytes
128 Megabit 256 megabytes

and has:
DIMM sizes of 16-MB to 256-MB using 16, 32, or 128-megabit (Mb) technology
Note: The type of Megabit technology refers to the density of each DRAM chip located on the DIMM. For instance, each DRAM chip on a 128-Mb based DIMM is 16 megabytes (MB) in size. This motherboard will not accept DIMMS based on higher than 128 Mb technology

So the saying, "For instance, each DRAM chip on a 128-Mb based DIMM is 16 megabytes (MB) in size"...would be referring to a 16MBx8 module?
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  1. that a very old old mb. i would use crucial or some large ram vendor to see if they sill carried 128m and 256m dimms.
    the issue is trying to find ram that that old and slow.
  2. That's ok, I've got 2 newer systems. This one's going to be my overclocking system, but I wanted to pass the clunky 362MB ram barrier I'm stuck at.

    Do I just need to make sure 256M sticks are 2X128M, 4x64, 8x32, ...? (so that the second factor is less than or equal to 128M)
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