Putting the H100 in a 500r, would this work?

I am trying to find a way to put my rig together with all of the cooling and I think I've got a solution, but i need some experts to double check me.

Corsair H100

Corsair Carbide 500r

What I am trying to do is create a solid push/pull through the radiator. To do this I'm going to use the stock fans that come with the H100 below it to push out. I'll then put two more fans above it (in that recess under the screen).

My questions are:
1. Will this work? Will everything fit? Will the fans get in the way of ram or anything like that?

2. Which fans are best if I'm trying to push/pull?

3. Is it best just to push or pull for this situation?
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  1. from what i've heard a push/pull configuration will not work unless u do some modding because the heatsink for the MOSFET will get in the way (depending on the mobo). one way to get push/pull is to remove the top cover and mount the radiator outside of da case with da fans on top of it.
  2. Is there a case where can set up a push/pull without having exposed parts outside my case?
  3. the fractal arc midi is a good choice very cheap and can have push pull.
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