Is my PCIE slot dead?

I have been using integrated graphics on my old pc for a long time, decided to finally stick a new PSU and graphics card in it for a better low end gaming experience.

My on board graphics works perfectly, but when i plug my monitor in to the video card, i don't get any signal, plus while the card is installed windows does not recognize that its plugged in to the PCIE slot at all. Only my integrated chipset is found in the device manager.

My PC is an old Compaq, so im not sure what kind of mobo it is exactly. Here is the exact PC i'm using if it helps. The only change is the new PSU and I added 1gb of extra ram.

PSU works great, has enough wattage and everything. Plus my video cards heatsink gets warm. I'm not sure if that can be a good sign that the slot is working? Also, everyone i know has a laptop, so i can't even try the card on another PC to see if its the GPU that has a problem.

Thanks for any help. I'm incredibly desperate to finally be able to play even low end pc games at a higher FPS than 15.
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  1. Hi, Check in BIOS if there is a setting regarding the primary graphics device. If yes, switch from iGPU to PCIe.
  2. Could be an OEM BIOS limitation. Could also be that the integrated graphics must be switched off (in the BIOS) although I doubt it since it should still show up in Windows. What graphics card is it anyways?
  3. Yes, i put the primary graphics to PCIE in the BIOS and nothing changed at all.

    As for the card, i got this one.
  4. One more thing before i give up on this problem and forget it.

    I heard resetting CMOS might help bring back the life of dead components that shut off due to a problem that may have occurred at one point, or taking a stick of RAM out might work for some reason?

    Are any of those things known to be actual troubleshooting methods?
  5. Clearing the CMOS might help, but in your case I think it's a compatibility issue. Some old boards don't work with newer cards.
  6. I tried the jumper method and the battery method with no luck.

    Plus im starting to think you are right. it might be too old of a board. The PCIE slot has to work or else the card wouldn't be getting warm, right?

    I remember way back when my old card died, it wouldn't ever get warm anymore while i was troubleshooting it when it was plugged in.

    Well, i'm giving up on trying to actively fix it, but if anyone else has any thoughts on anything else i can try, any more help would be great.
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