Need a quick answer-action:) heatsink to high on Corsair?

Hey can Corsair vengeance heatsink interfere with CM Evo 212 or some similar CPU cooler on Asus p87ZZ-V?

It costs 40€ here but it has 60 months warranty. I will get G.Skill otherwise it is 37€ but 36months of warranty. I'm ordering as soon as possible so answer will be much appreciated :D thank youu
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    37 mm < 52.5 mm So the Vengeance will not fit if the heatsink covers the RAMs slots. Only Vengeance LP.
    Measure 60 mm from the CPU socket center and see if it gets over the RAM slot.
    and - How Tall is My Corsair Memory Module?
  2. Thank you A. They were out of stock, so I will be ordering soon. However I don't have a motherboard yet, will buy everything together so can't measure anything:-(
    Appreciate your fast response! I read somewhere that someone with asus p8z77-v deluxe had to put fan on the other side or something,so I guess it does interfere.
    Quality is about the same right, i guess ripjaws dont run any hotter due to smaller heatsink? T is possible i will be upgrading to 16gb somehwere i. The future.
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