Fan speeds with bulldozer 8150

Hey everyone, recently upgraded my rig heres my new specs
bulldozer 8150@4.2ghz
sapphire 6970@stock
8gb crucial ddr3 1333mhz
gigabyte 990fxa-ud7
ocz700mxsp psu

issue i am having is that the fan speeds are randomly increasing due to what seems to be fluctuations in processor frequency and gpu frequency.
I have tried disabling turbo core on the processor and it is still having random spikes.
I have ran prime 95 for a number of hours to ensure system stability as well as running other various tests.
Has anyone else come across this issue and if so how did you solve it?
I believe it is both the cpu and gpu fan that are increasing then slowing down.
I set my cpu to standard clock speeds and it still did this. I tried disabling cool and quiet (would rather keep this enabled due to the fact that the extra power it saves really makes an impact on my electricity bill due to pc being on 24/7)
Thanks in advance for the help guys
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  1. and before it starts please lets not flame the fx series! not only am i happy with its performance, I also managed to pick it up at a rediculously low price! hence why I chose that over say a phenom 1100t
  2. go into the bios and see if you can set the fan to quiet mode, this is a feature apart from cnq that allows you to control fan speeds
  3. Had a look and there doesnt appear to be anything regarding fan noise in the bios. It is just the cool and quiet option
  4. usually on such high end boards there are separate controls for each header, see if you can find the option to control fan speed in overdrive
  5. Fan speed change has to do with temp change not clock speed change. Your fan speeds up to keep the cpu cool as it heats up, when ti cools down the fan slows down. Stop it from speeding up and your going to have a very hot processor. If your using the stock AMD heatsink those things are junk unless you like noise, get an aftermarket cooler that is much quieter.
  6. I forgot to mention, I have the zaalman 9700, its quite a beast and always kept my phenom 2 really really cool and was so quiet.
    In overdrive it shows that the frequency is fluctuating. If it is to do with heat, then is there any reason that my cpu would be randomly heating up and cooling down again when there is absolutely no strain on it whatsoever?
  7. the other point is, despite being overclocked at 4.2ghz the cpu temps are still only hitting around 43 degrees at full load after ages of stress testing. So why would the fans be randomly speeding up higher during an idle period in windows?
  8. Ok so it would appear that it may be the gpu fan, not the cpu fan that is actually fluctuating randomly. Does anyone know of an issue with the 8150 and 6970 combo that would cause this?
    fyi I am running the latest 6970 driver with windows 7 ultimate 64bit
  9. oh, so you say you have the latest catalyst drivers?

    you can control fan speed from in catalyst, you can take it off auto and leave it at 35%, just remember to put it back in auto before you enter a game, i think there is a setting that you can use to put a gradient between fan speed and temp, dig around catalys t and see if you can find it
  10. I was hoping there was a way around this though. Ideally I would like my system to be able to manage fan speeds like it always has. I never had any issues like this with my phenom 965. Its strange, I have been monitoring my system, and it is actually both fans that are increasing (cpu and gpu) even when idle there are moments when both are raising hugely in temperature (around 10 degrees) for absolutely no reason, this is what is making the fans increase. Its really annoying!
  11. dacca, could it be that since the 8150 is known to use more power and perhaps runs a little hotter, the CPU fan kicks on quicker? The 965 is a 4 core and the 8150 is double that. I imagine more heat. Is the BIOS on your MB up to date? The 8150 is so new that the MB manufacturers haven't had as much time to tweak all the settings. What power mode is Windows running in, i.e. Power Saving, Balanced or performance? Also, I am not knocking the 8150 but it is known to not use significant power at stock but Overclocking apparently spikes the power use. I have a Zalman 9700 and a Zalman 9900 and they are both great but getting a little ollder technology wise. You may want to look into a Water Cooling kit such as a Corsair H80. I have a Corsair H60 on my one Intel I2500K with push pull fans and it is great.
  12. Yeah, I found that out the hard way dude! bought my 990fxa-ud7 supposedly fx chipset ready! and it did not agree with my 8150! had to buy a sempron to update the bios to the latest. The cpu is running so cool that it shouldnt kick in at all thats my issue. Even when im getting these spikes at 4.2ghz the temp is only hitting around 32 degrees c, The fan never used to make any noise under like 38-40 before. I was looking into water cooling but I am to poor and to scared of the potential risks involved with it.
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