All motherboard ports not working

Today I tried turning my computer on, and I found that none of the ports were working, including my graphics card on the PCIe slot. I have tried using all USB ports, none of them work. I took the whole unit to my friends house, and it worked perfectly there!

Since my motherboard does not have an onboard graphics card, there is no way to get into bios because the screen doesnt display anything. I have two keyboards, one in the PS/2 port, and the other in the USB, both are not working. I attached the LAN wire also, and the leds do not light up, so i assume that all onboard ports are not working. Heatsink fan works, so do the other two case fans which i have installed. The graphic card fan also runs, it is just the ports which is the problem.

I would appreciate it if someone could shed some light on this problem.

PC Specs:
Motherboard: GA 870a usb3 rev 3.1
Processor: AMD phenom II x6 1055T
Graphic card: ATI Radeon HD 6850
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  1. disconnect the pc from electric
    try unplugging the cmos battery
    or shorting it by use of screw driver
  2. I disconnected the whole system, unplugged the battery, then replaced everything and started it again, and the problem persists
  3. Maybe it's only the monitor that doesn't work.
  4. I used the monitor on my laptop, works just fine. Also, its not just the monitor since none of the ports are working.
  5. I'm a little bit confused. Does the computer boot, or only the fans start spinning?
  6. only the fans spin, including the heatsink fan, and the gpu fan
  7. Since the PC doesn't boot or you don't get any image on the monitor, you can't know if the ports work or not. And you said that the PC worked fine in the friends house. Think what different components you've used there (keyboard, mouse, cables) and there might be the issue.
  8. The whole setup was the same at my friends house, except the screen and the mouse, which I tested on my laptop, and they work there.
  9. Did you try a different power plug in your house then? Sounds like the only thing that changed was the power.
  10. Yes I thought the problem was with my room at first, so I checked around the house, same results. Ill have to take it to another house to test.
  11. Well something makes no sense here.

    You tested the computer at your friend's and it works. You tested the monitor with your laptop and IT works.

    That really doesn't leave anything.

    Did you use the SAME monitor cable and monitor input on your laptop as your desktop?

    It really sounds like your computer works and its perhaps a loose video cable, or loose connection on the monitor.

    If possible try to hook up to a different input on the monitor, or an HDTV/different monitor.
  12. I dont have another video output on the computer, as my motherboard has no onboard display port. Also, my graphic card takes a DVI and HDMI input, and I my laptop takes VGA and HDMI. I however have a VGA>DVI and a DVI>VGA converter, and so I tested using all 3 cables.

    I think there is something wrong with the motherboard, I wanted to know exactly what that is before I made any wrong purchases.
  13. Buy your friends house and the issue is solved. Sorry, I couldn't help myself. It might also be a loose contact inside. Try reinstalling the graphics card and see if still the same.
  14. I did reinstall the graphic card, same result.

    I think buying a new PC is cheaper than a new house though :p
  15. LoL, that was pretty funny though. Do you find you have any other electrical issues in your house? If it simply won't work in your power outlets I would contact an electrician.
  16. It is, unless you get the same issue again. No other ideas than testing the PC at a local shop. If solving the problem, please post back the solution. Curious about it.
  17. Yeah ill take it to the local shop tomorrow...

    I've had this pc since July last year though, and it was working fine till yesterday. And no, no electrical problems as such, which is why this whole issue has me stumped... I think either its some loose connection on the motherboard, or some connections have taken damage.

    Will post the solution once i get it figured out though :)
  18. power fault if all cables checked

    motherboard and or power supply will try to protect system if short such as usb device cable or power supply even slightly out of power range.

    at this point i would try a different power supply :D
  19. yes, that will be my first course of action tomorrow...

    I think my PSU is not able to meet the power demands of my computer.
  20. So I figured out the problem. Like I said, my old heatsink fan wasnt working, so I replaced it. But, the heatsink fan must have died quite some time ago, because it damaged the processor, and THAT is what was causing the problem!
    Now I got a new processor and it works just fine.
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