Hello there, i´ve been thinking about upgrading my pc, and i am thinking about the GPU`s.... i am going to be playing on 1920 x 1080 and most of the time with AA... i already have a i5 2500k and 8gb DDR3 - 1600MHz... but i am confused in what graphics cards to buy, I WILL DO SLI OR CROSSFIRE. so i was wondering if wha will give me more performance in general... SLI GTX 560 (NOT THE TI VERSION) OR CROSSFIRE 6850`s????
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  1. If you are basicly asking which is going to give the superior performance in games then, the answer is GeForce GTX560 SLI.
  2. That is very cool. I am going to be getting a 6850 or 6870 soon myself. Both are great in their respected crossfire/SLI.

    560 is faster than 6850 yet a little slower than a 6870. Two 6850's will run most games at the best settings with your resolutions. Either will do, 6850s just cost a little less.
  3. yup 560 is faster with or without SLI
  4. WOW thanks a lot for the fast awnser... i think i am going with the crossfire...but instead of getting the 6850`s i will get the 6870`s since my budget was 400 for the graphics i can afford then... see, 2 gtx 560 (no ti) twin frozzer 2 are 400$... 399.8 and are slower than 2 6870`s 380... i will get the 6870`s BTW if i run crysis 2 all maxed out even AA, AF everything in ultra @ 1920x 1080 about how fast will it run? whit i5 2500k @ 4.3Ghz or so... with 8GB vengace ram @ 1600 with a 500gb black caviar western digital harddrive??
  5. sgtopmobile said:
    i will get the 6870`s BTW if i run crysis 2 all maxed out even AA, AF everything in ultra @ 1920x 1080 about how fast will it run?

    With DirectX 11, High Resolution Texture Pack, Ultra Quality settings and 4x AA probably somewhere around 53-55 FPS.

    Overclocking the Radeon HD 6870s should increase the FPS slightly.

    What is the make and model of your power supply unit?
  6. Techpowerup says the 6950 is faster then the gtx 560 in single setup. Toms review showed the 6950 trifire setup taking it to the gtx 570 3-way sli.

    Two and three card scalling is better on the HD cards then the GTX's. The higher your resolution goes the worst it gets for the GTX's. Since you said you will do SLI or Crossfire you should read the review I linked.

    CrossFire Scales Spectacularly

    " CrossFire came out with a huge overall scaling lead over SLI, and removing the one title that didn’t reflect that average would have made the lead even bigger. Superior scaling allowed two mid-priced Radeon HD 6950s to approximate the performance of two higher-cost GeForce GTX 570s, while three HD 6950s took the performance win over three GTX 570s. ",2865.html
  7. BTW if you're going to do 3D gaming then stay away from ATI and go Nvidia.
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