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I'm planning to build a PC around these parts:

Core i5 2500k
GTX 460

And I want to spend as little money on everything else as possible (not at the expense of the components quality, though). I'm thinking of buying P8P67 LE mobo to save some money, though I've read it has certain overclocking issues.

So I ask You for an advice on the remaining parts, thanks in advance.
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  1. the 2500k is unlocked, the processor will get overclocked not the motherboard. so the motherboard should have no issues unless you try turning up the FSB or use ram faster than its rated for.
  2. I meant CPU overlocking. I've read that overclocking is only possible through the AI Suite software. I want to know whether I have to run the software for the overclocking to be in effect or is it set and forget? And how much risk is there with this kind of overclocking?
  3. as long as you go slow like 5% at a time its pretty safe. each processor has its own place where it damages rather than glitches. so dont double your frequencies, that will push it past the safe point for sure.
    you should start a bit high though. i generally start at about 70% of what others say a processor can get to. 70% of the difference that is.
  4. How about P8P67-M? Are there any known issues with that mobo? I'm not going to use SLI or Crossfire.

    Any warnings about Zalman Z9 Plus case, Chieftec BPS 550C PSU?
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