Event id 7023

While playing Tomb Raider Underword had a BSOD and event id 7023 as the problem.
Computer Specs:
HP computer (m8200n)
WD 160 hard drive
Win7 64 bit
3Gb ram
amd 6000+ processor
PNY GTS 250 1gb ram
antec 500w PS
Installed xin7 an hour or so before playing. Has all drivers that win7 found. No problems showing in device manager.
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  1. try using the most upto date drivers from the manufacturers websites
  2. Seeing that you finished installing an hour before you started playing your game, I take it that you did not take the time to fully configure the system and make sure that all updates were installed including program updates?

    Did you do a Fresh Install or did you just upgrade over your previous installation?

    Searching the Microsoft database for the particular event ID and Windows 7, this is all I was able to find.

    One of the biggest problems it seems stems from upgrading over the previous installation instead of doing a clean install.
  3. fowang said:
    try using the most upto date drivers from the manufacturers websites

    You're right after further investigating I had a corrupt driver for the card. I uninstalled it and reinstalled and it seems to be working fine. Played tomb raider underworld longer than I was able to before & quit on my own. And to answer renegade below it was a fresh install - don't like upgrading.
  4. That's why I asked whether or not you had done a clean install or upgraded.

    A corrupt driver doesn't necessarily have to be from doing a straight upgrade. :)
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